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Knee control set XENOX-Dent 50s

complete with knee control unit, motor handpiece (incl. collet) and handpiece rest.

Motor handpiece XENOX-Dent 50s

The new royal league for laboratory handpieces. With brushless drive up to 50,000rpm. Amazingly strong, light and virtually noiseless!

A masterpiece of ergonomics and design

  • Hand-like, rounded triangular shape with soft components in the grip area for optimal handling in pen and fist position. This gives you a comfortable feeling!
  • Extremely strong, brushless DC motor with dust-proof encapsulation and maintenance-free. Maximum torque 7.8Ncm.
  • Virtually noiseless and vibration-free operation.
  • No heating up even in hard, continuous use.
  • Quick tool exchange by twisting the housing parts by 90°.
  • For clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation at full speed (ideal for left handers!).
  • Including a 2.35mm collet.
  • Highly flexible rubber cable. For connection to knee control unit. Length 150cm.

NO 67 022

Motor handpiece XENOX-Dent 50s, individual

Knee control unit XENOX-Dent 50s

The knee control unit's electronics

controls the brushless motor of the handpiece, adjusting the speed and torque, and responding in the event of a malfunction (blocked motor or overload). Digital display for speed and error code messages. Connection socket allows for fitting the optional foot pedal (NO 67 050). Practical fastening rail for fixing the control unit beneath the work bench.


Easy to read and self-explanatory. High-quality coated front label with detergent-proof surface and permanent marking.


The required maximum speed is pre-selected on the adjusting knob. For safety reasons this rotational knob has a locking key that must be pressed, if speeds over 40,000rpm are required. The knee-activated lever or the foot pedal infinitely control the speed up to the pre-selected maximum speed.

Activatable speed control function

If the speed remains constant for 3 seconds during operation via knee-activated lever or foot pedal you will hear a beep. Thereafter the "working speed" does not change, even if the knee-activated lever or foot pedal is no longer operated. This function is deactivated, as soon as the knee-activated lever or foot pedal are pushed again.

NO 67 010

Knee control set XENOX-Dent 50s, complete


Motor handpiece

Knee control unit

Motor handpiece rest

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Technical data motor handpiece

Speed (clockwise - anti-clockwise rotation)

1,000 - 50,000rpm

Maximum torque


Weight without cable


Weight with cable




Max. Ø at soft component




True running accuracy

< 0.01mm

Collet NO 67 028


Collet NO 67 030


Quick tool exchange by twisting the housing parts by 90°


Technical data knee control unit

Input voltage

220 - 240V

Output voltage




Power consumption

max. 2A


270 x 225 x 95mm


approx. 3.3kg